鑒於台灣因人為過度開發,致使空氣嚴重污染,雨水地下水酸化,水資源不足,農民過量備使用農藥、化學肥料等因素而使得農產地變化,再加上颱風、豪雨侵襲,致使生產技術始終跟不上外因變化,故造成農作物生長不良,農民收入逐漸下降,且台灣加入 W.T.O 後必使農民無法承受自由貿易之重大打擊,在此內外環境雙夾之下以未雨綢繆之見,於是籌備本公司。

In view of the excessive human development in Taiwan, which caused severe air pollution, acidification of rainwater and groundwater, insufficient water resources, and excessive use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers by farmers, the agricultural production area changed, coupled with typhoons and heavy rains, which caused production technology to keep up with Not due to external changes, resulting in poor crop growth, peasants’ income has gradually decreased, and Taiwan’s accession to the WTO will make farmers unable to withstand the major blows of free trade. In this environment, both the internal and external environment take precautions and prepare for the company.


本公司成立於1993年,坐落於嘉義縣新港鄉中洋村,佔地面積約為4000平方公尺,策略結盟廠商5家,主要生產銷售:各類型園藝 (花卉、蔬果、昆蟲) 溫網室、噴灌系統器材、住家屋頂遮蔭…等,專業承接台灣各地區學校機關、公私營農場、農業產銷班、合作農場…等,從規劃、設計、安裝、施工均由技術精良的專業技術團隊提供服務;除此之外上提供客戶「售後服務」,除了產品維修外,並包括引介產品相關專家學者提供栽培、管理與行銷等技術諮詢,或提供產業最新消息。

The company was established in 1993 and is located in Zhongyang Village, Xingang Township, Chiayi County. It covers an area of about 4,000 square meters. It has 5 strategic alliances with manufacturers. It mainly produces and sells: various types of gardening (flowers, fruits, vegetables, insects) , Sprinkler irrigation system equipment, home roof shading, etc., professionally undertake school institutions, public and private farms, agricultural production and marketing classes, cooperative farms, etc. in various regions of Taiwan. From planning, design, installation, and construction are provided by a skilled professional and technical team Services; in addition to providing customers with “after-sales service”, in addition to product maintenance, and including introduction of product-related experts and scholars to provide technical advice on cultivation, management and marketing, or to provide industry latest news.