Model: AAS45 / AAS55 / AAS65 / AAS75 / AAS85

Function: Sun shading, light control
Features: Aluminum foil, polyester closure

Performance characteristics
Reflection and transmission: Through the reflection and transmission of aluminum foil and transparent polymer materials, the temperature is reduced during the day, and the heat is saved at night to save energy, which forms a good indoor climate and reduces energy costs.
2. Moisturizing and anti-condensation: The woven structure allows sufficient moisture to pass through to prevent condensation on the lower part of the net.
3. Long life: highly anti-ultraviolet, anti-static products, keep clean after long-term use. The anti-ultraviolet stabilizer added in the material has resistance to commonly used chemicals in the greenhouse.
4. Stable use performance: Special formula and technology, high-quality pure aluminum foil make this product less prone to dealumination. The shrinkage of this product is less than 0.1% at 70 ° C.
5. Small space occupation: The special woven structure makes AAS extremely easy to fold, ensuring that when the shading net is stowed, the lighting resources are used as much as possible.

標準寬度4.3M。 其他寬幅可根據要求訂做

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