Model: AAS55V / AAS65V / AAS75V / AAS85V

Description field:

Function: shading, controlling light, energy saving
Features: aluminum foil, openings, controlling humidity

Performance characteristics
1. Reflection, transmission: Special aluminum foil and polyester wire give the AAS V network excellent reflection and transmission performance, effectively cooling during the day, and Ensure adequate lighting.
2. Open-cell structure: The middle interval during the day allows sufficient air circulation, which can reasonably reduce the indoor temperature. Even under high temperature conditions outside, it can still ensure the best indoor growth environment. After closing the shading net at night, the heat loss of the crops is reduced, and the moisture condensation and germ hazards are reduced.
3. Long life: highly anti-ultraviolet, anti-static products, keep clean after long-term use. The anti-ultraviolet stabilizer added in the material has resistance to commonly used chemicals in the greenhouse.
4. Stable use performance: special formula and technology, high-quality pure aluminum foil make this product less prone to dealumination.
5. Small footprint: The woven structure makes AAS V extremely easy to fold, ensuring that the light source can be used as much as possible when the shading net is stowed.
6. Application: AAS V is often used in conjunction with a closed two insulation network such as PES10 or AAS10. The combination of the two types of nets maximizes the effect of cooling in summer and energy-saving insulation in winter. In winter, both nets are closed simultaneously for thermal insulation.

Model and technical parameters


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