Model: PES10

Description field :
Performance characteristics
1. Thermal insulation and energy saving: PES10 has excellent light transmission, which can effectively reduce the heat loss in the greenhouse. At the same time, it is suitable for high-efficiency energy-saving insulation during the day and night.
2. Ventilation: The woven structure allows sufficient moisture to pass through.
3. PES10 Scattering function: For light at any angle of incidence, it has excellent lighting performance and can pass a large amount of ultraviolet rays to create a natural light environment in the greenhouse.
4. Anti-ultraviolet, clean: highly anti-ultraviolet, anti-static products, keep clean after long-term use.
5. Stable use performance: The anti-ultraviolet stabilizer added in the material has resistance to commonly used chemicals in the greenhouse. In an oven at 70 ° C for two hours, the thermal shrinkage of this product does not exceed 2.0%.
6. Small footprint: PES10 is very soft and easy to fold. The thermal insulation film has a small volume when in a folded state, thereby ensuring maximum light transmittance in the greenhouse.

Model and technical parameters

標準寬度 4.3M。 其他寬幅可根據要求定做。

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